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As a Travel Howz Corporate Travel Partner you will receive the Best of Service and Save on all your Corporate needs from - Air Travel, Hotel, Car Rental to Managing your Meetings & Events and Even Get Deals on Discounted Leisure Travel for your Employees. Call us 902-482-4773 today and save on all your Business Travel.
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1) What are Corporate Pages?
Corporate Pages are a personalized portal from Travel Howz for Corporates/Businesses or Consultants who would like to manage their employees or own business travel plans. Corporate Logins are a personalized web tool designed to be your portal into Travel Howz.
2) Why Corporate Pages?

We understand the need for Employers or Consultants to save money while efficiently managing the travel plans of their employees/consultants but would like to streamline their travel procurement.

You will be able to easily make request, apply changes to your request, reporting and invoicing all within easy reach. At the same time receive 24 x 7 support (phone support during normal business hours and email support during non-working hours)

3) Requirements for Corporate Account
You can be a small / medium / large business or even a self employed consultant / business traveller making frequent trips for your business. You will need to make a minimum of 5 bookings per month for atleast 3 months before receiving access to your own corporate portal. For larger clients with 35+ bookings in a 1 month period will enable them to receive access to the corporate portal more quickly.
4) Integrating Corporate Accounts
Our coporate travel pages is the perfect complement to your HR platform. Users will be able to seamlessly access Corporate Travel modules and integrate relevant information into their systems. We will require an annual contract and a minimum annual volume commitment to move ahead on an integration. Call to discuss.