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Hurtigruten LogoHurtigruten is one ocean cruise line that brings guests to some of the most unique destinations of the world for a rare vacation experience. With 14 ships to its name, Hurtigruten offers vacation itineraries to please the more discerning traveler looking to have a trip filled with learning, cultural exchanges, and interaction with nature. For over 116 year, Hurtigruten has brought guests to some of the most beautiful places in the world. From dog sledding in Norway’s fjords to adventure cruising in Greenland – these trips can bring any adventurous traveler to experience nature in its most majestic and ultimate form. State of the art onboard facilities include outdoor Jacuzzis, warm lounges, fitness centers, and Internet cafés for every guest’s convenience. Specializing in seasonally-themed cruises, travelers can experience the splendor of nature and its incredible forces during opportune times. Cruises range from three to 12 days of exciting, adventure-filled activities and destinations. Special prices are also provided for repeat passengers and senior travelers over the age of 67 who want to join in the exciting journeys. So, whether it is to view the Northern Lights in Northern Scandinavia or taking a climate pilgrimage to Svalbard, Hurtiguten lines is sure to never disappoint.

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