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MSC Cruises LogoMSC Cruises, or Mediterranean Shipping Company Cruises, offers the ultimate Italian experience in ocean cruises and hospitality. The MSC European ships are equipped with state of the art equipment and facilities for the convenience and comfort of ship guests. Part of the fleet is made up of Eco-ships designed to specifically protect the environment from any harmful emissions and practices energy conservation and recycling onboard. The cuisine provided by the crew is uniquely Mediterranean and Italian using the freshest ingredients available. With activities including a yacht club, a 4D theater and even a Formula One simulator, among others, everyone is entertained at every part of the journey. With an exemplary butler service, the onboard staff is specially trained to give guests the most comfortable journey of their lives. A great benefit for vacationing families is that all kids age 17 and below always sail free on any MSC ship. Vacation cruise itineraries range from 3 days or more and include a variety of shore excursion activities such as tasting tours and hiking. Shore excursions can be chosen from a wide menu of activities that range from easy, moderate, and hard. So, no matter what age the guest is, there is a shore excursion or onboard activity that is just right for their needs. With MSC Cruises, no traveler is left behind in terms to experiencing the ultimate Italian and Mediterranean way of life.

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