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Saint Lucia

This is currently a very trendy destination, but it retains its rural character and atmosphere of cheerful calm. There is a pleasing mix of banana plantations and fishing villages, out-of-the-way coves and green jungle on the mountainside.

Saint Lucia is an island between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago.

St Lucia is the second largest of the Windward Islands, with lovely mountains and an impressive variety of flora and fauna. Its rainforests are home to orchids and exotic plants of the anthurium genus. The island is about 27mi (44km) long and 14mi (23km) wide. The highest point in the mountainous interior is Mt. Gimie in the southwest, at 3120ft (950m). There are deep valleys with plantations of bananas and coconuts. The volcanic Pitons rise in the Soufrière area about 2500ft (760m) from the shore. In this area also are the bubbling Sulphur Springs close to town.

Arawak Amerindians first settled on the island in the 3rd century, while the Caribs later took over. The French and British fought over the island, until Britain finally obtained control in 1814. The island was granted self-government in 1967 and independence in February 22, 1979.

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  Saint Lucia Overview

Luckily, the trade winds blow for most of the year.It rains in summer from May to August.

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